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The color is critical in an oil. The deep green, so close to the color of olive pulp, is the best characteristic of the oils. Green as nature, to which the oil is genuine expression.
The substantial transparency, soft flowing along with the color herald the pleasure of tasting.

Try it raw on a salad, a soup, or better yet, on bruschetta with no other seasoning than salt.
You'll taste the strong flavor of the pressed olive and its bittersweet blend.  It's a particular special flavour that makes it unique and irreplaceable.
The olives are harvested while they are still unripe, which enhances the full flavor of the clean fruit and maintains very low acidity levels.
A green olive produces less oil when compared to a ripe olive, but you be the judge of the difference between an extra virgin olive oil made artiginally and olive oil produced 'industrially'.

An oil quality must not only be good, it must also possess all those characteristics that make it preferable to any other fat dressing.
For example, monounsaturated fatty acids contained in it, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and, with antioxidants, increase the flow of blood, regulating blood pressure. Also enhance the absorption of vitamin E limit damage and slow down the aging artery tissue.

"TITO" - 500 ml

Product code: GA 005

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The organic extra virgin olive oil "TITO" comes from the high hills in the countryside of the district Milinciana Butera.
The luxuriant growth of olive trees that cover from 1973 that land was rightly limestone is further...