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The first documents in which the word "speck" date from the eighteenth century, but it appears as early as 1200, albeit with different names and definitions in the butchers regulations and in the accounting registers of principles Tyroleans.
Was originally produced to need the meat preservation, and was intended for family consumption.
The conservation essentially occurred through the salting and smoking, the first method (which, leading to dehydration, prevents the development of germs) was and still is typical of the Mediterranean area hams.
The smoke, however, (exposure to aromatic woods smoke) is the preferred system in northern Europe to preserve meat.
The Alto Adige is in an intermediate position with respect to the two zones and enjoying a particular climate, merged the two methods:
the “squared” Speck is produced, like his finest brother, according to the traditional rule "a little salt, little smoke and a lot of air, which consists mainly in a moderate salting and smoking of the interplay of cold and fresh air.
“Squared” speck is a lightly smoked ham and aged for about 6 months.
Unmistakable in appearance, aroma and taste, has its own peculiarities by traditional method, passed down from father to son and protected.
The discipline of production mainly light smoking (at smoking temperature of less than 20 degrees Celsius), an average seasoning of 22 weeks, a salt content not exceeding 5%.
"Squared" Speck in a vacuum, it will be appropriate, once opened, leave it at room temperature for several hours before you consume it, so the flavour can develop and increase consistency.
After consumption must be wrapped in a rag, in a breathable paper or funds between two plates and placed at the bottom of the refrigerator, but away from strong-tasting foods, which may alter the flavour.

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