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The suckling pig is a typical dish of central Italy and consists of a whole pig, emptied it and season inside with salt, pepper, herbs, and roasted in the oven. The porchetta eaten sliced as a main course or as a snack between meals. Is a must in so-called “snacks in the cellar”, typical of wine production areas. There are several types of seasoning and taste, dictated by tradition and include, primarily, fresh herbs such as rosemary and fennel. This one gives, to the porchetta, a special taste and smell absolutely unmistakable. The porchetta is produced by pigs about one year old and a maximum weight of 100 kg, after slaughter, the pig is bled and immersed in a kettle of boiling water to be shaved thoroughly washed, after which all the innards is removed, is boning and then filled with condiment made of: salt, pepper, fennel, rosemary and sometimes cherries and almonds, according to local traditions. When tastes filled, porchetta is tied with twine and put in oven to bake for 2 to 5 hours depending on the size of the pig. Tradition wants that the suckling pig is wood oven roasted in, but this cooking method does not ensure compliance with the strict hygiene rules, which provide a perfect oven washing after use. Moreover, this cooking does not guarantee a uniform temperature and tends to dry the lean pork parts. For these reasons, suckling pig is usually roasted in oven stainless steel made. In some locations it is preferred six or seven months younger pigs, and is spit cooked.

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