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The ITALIAN Raw Ham is a genuine food, balanced nutrition from the point, sweet and savory at the same time (thanks to wise shrewdness of salting and seasoning), lends itself to various different proposals and preparations, from simple and quick sandwich to the more developed and refined menu. The PROSCIUTTO name originates from the verb “prosciugare” (drain).
In fact, the stock leg of pork that privileged among others, is preparing to become ITALIAN Raw Ham is drained air and sunshine of pre Apennine hills of Parma and the Po Valley which is the seasoning, it is the gentle sea wind that crosses the mountains, comes in the valleys, it thickens the hams exposed outdoors, drying them and making them exceptionally tasty, (it is no coincidence that countries like France and Benelux send here at the mercy of their hams ripened).
The real ITALIAN Raw Ham, is produced only with selected legs of pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy.
The slice, nor thin nor thick, is at the thin pink and white in the fat (warning: the fat of ITALIAN Raw ham, should never be discarded in fact we can say to enjoy to the full only when the ham taste every part of it, even pointing out that it is not saturated fat, which promotes the formation of cholesterol).
The only ingredients used to produce the ITALIAN raw ham are meat quality of pigs selected Italian, salt, the characteristic of air time and the Apennines.
Under the expert guidance of man, these elements create a marvel of nature, which is repeated now over two thousand years.
Only if all these are respected characteristics, you can call it NATIONAL raw ham and is the last quality assurance of the product to the consumer.

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