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The Bacon rolled rind less is produced with the same cut of pork fat used for bacon rolled with rind, called pancettone, with the difference that is stuffed in natural casing and tied by hand before the maturation.
The raw material comes from pigs born and reared strictly in Italy, while the production area is limited to the Piacenza country, where the climate is crucial for the individual characteristics of this succulent salami.
The process is divided into four stages:
initially the supply of curing, sprinkle the meat with a mixture of salt and spices, according to the traditional recipe;
follows, then, a period of rest, cold, to allow the salt and flavorings of uniformly distributed in the flesh;
after massaging, breasts are rolled, tied and then left to dry in a room for a period ranging from 10 to 15 days;
finished drying begins the period of maturing, which will last three months.
The rolled pancetta rind less over is cylindrical in shape and weighs 5 Kg approx.
The slice is typically characterized by alternating layers of circular red and white rose. The aroma is delicate, but not without pleasing spicy notes.
On the palate, the slice is soft with a tendency to melt through to fat parties presence, which also determine the delicate and distinctive taste sweet, not without the flavor that makes the product particularly palatable.
The rolled pancetta rind less has the same characteristics of its “sister” rolled with rind. EMILIAITALIANFOOD provides rolled pancetta rind less, cut in half and vacuum packed on demand.

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