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The coppa like Parma is produced using beams of the neck muscle.
The taste of COPPA is determined by gradually and maturing length (better if slow) that ranges from two to four months.
While often the cup is to cut as a rather dry salami, this does not happen with the COPPA like PARMA, famous for its softness. To better balance and make more uniform the quantity of salt withheld from meat, the salting dry is made by two steps away a few days of each other.
After 10-15 days, the meat is bagged in a gut and closely linked, gut is drilled to prevent stagnant air, that prevent full membership of the meat gut and, because of oxygen present, encourage the formation of mold inside and rancidity of fats.
We finally move to maturation stage. The COPPA like PARMA is left in temperatures of 13 °- 14 ° C with high relative humidity, the microclimate typical of Parma hills, for some months.
The result is a very distinctive smell, can be considered only in this way: scent of COPPA.
To properly preserve the cup simply place it in the refrigerator after removing the skin and have it wrapped in a cloth. Is a good idea to remove from the refrigerator an hour before making the cut.
We also recommend to eliminate the external film before slicing the cup, so that if this does not rot affect the flavor inside.
If the cup is very seasoned, it is appropriate to beam with a cloth soaked in white wine all day, so as to facilitate peeling.
Excellent as a starter and main course, the cup is perfectly in keeping with Colli Piacentini wines.
The COPPA DI PARMA EMILIAITALIANFOOD to be supplied cut in half and vacuum packed, on demand.

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