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The PDO Coppa Piacentina is obtained from the muscles at the back of the pig’s neck; from one pig you can obtain two coppas.
The meat used must come from pigs born and raised in the regions Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, while the production area is the entire province of Piacenza, whose climatic and territorial characteristics are two of the ""ingredients"" that make this product unique and appreciated.
The manufacturing process consists of four phases:
The meat is rubbed with salt and a mix of spices, in carefully measured quantities;
After resting for a few days in a cold storage room to absorb salt and spices in a uniform way, the meat is kneaded and wrapped in the characteristic casing called “pelle di sugna” (natural membrane that covers the pig’s kidney);
The product is then tied up with a string and sent to special drying rooms, where it stays for about 10-15 days;
The product is hung and matured for at least six months.
Finally the PDO Coppa piacentina product has a cylindrical shape and must weigh at least 1,5 Kg.
When cut, the slice is uniform, of a red colour mixed with rosy-white fat. It has a delicate smell of spices, pepper in particular, typical of matured meats.
The markedly sweet taste contrasts with its delicate sapidity.
If you want to taste the real Coppa Piacentina, look for the PDO label, which guarantees the origin and quality of the product and the respect of traditional production procedures.
To properly preserve the cup simply place it in the refrigerator after removing the skin and have it wrapped in a cloth.
Is a good idea to remove from the refrigerator an hour before making the cut.
We also recommend to eliminate the external film before slicing the cup, so that if this does not rot affect the flavor inside.
If the cup is very seasoned, it is appropriate to beam with a cloth soaked in white wine all day, so as to facilitate peeling.
Excellent as a starter and main course, the cup is perfectly in keeping with Colli Piacentini wines.

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