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Hard cheese, cooked and slow-ripening, product concoagulo to acidity of fermentation from raw milk of cows whose power base is consists of green fodder or retained.
Milk from two milkings a day, rested and partially Decrem for natural outcrops is transferred to traditional boilers copper double bottom such that the ability to obtain, at most, two forms.
Grana Padano Riserva 24 months finds its best use for grating and tasted alone.
It 'should be used to stir risotto or pasta sauce and soups.
The characteristics of this long season, avoiding the formation of compact masses of cheese on the plate and do not allow the presence of filaments very pleasing to the eye and sticky on the palate.
The Reserve is also the best companion to close a meal paired with white and red wines.
The excellent relationship between the energy value, quality and quantity of nutrient content, make Grana Padano is a complete food in favor of welfare and the health of children, adolescents, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly.
Being a semi-fat cheese, its energy value is lower than that of many commonly consumed foods that provide fewer nutrients.
Grana Padano is an excellent natural food, can provide a large part of the substances which man needs.
EMILIAITALIANFOOD's GRANA PADANO is produced with milk that derived from carefully selected the best milking farms, which make it a superior quality of "GRANA" and unavailable in ordinary channels of supermarkets.

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