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The coppa di testa are produced from immemorial time by farmers of the ""estense"" country, in winter, immediately after slaughter of the pig.
Is a sausage created to also use the pig's head, which contains delicate meat and very tasty.
Cooked salami made from dough sucks the head of pig, including tongue, boiled, chopped medium
coarse-grained and sausages with the addition of spices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
It is produced mainly in the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, but also in that of Bologna, and is eaten fresh within a short time from production.
Has a cylindrical shape regular and large sizes, up to 9 kg weight with dimensions of 30-40 cm in length and 15-20 cm in diameter. Externally it has tied up with string, has a reddish-brown colour typical of cooked meat.
When cut, shows pinkish, dark pink, the slice must be homogeneous, not jagged, elastic and texture good.
Pinkish white ribs show the presence of fatty parts and cartilage.
The perfume is delicate yet spicy according to the recipe and production area.
In terms of taste, the mixing of meat with the addition of flavors creates a product with unique taste, tasty, enjoyable, extraordinary, with a rich in nuances aromaticity.
The coppa di testa must be thinly sliced and eaten as an appetizer, snack or as a main course with vegetables in season.

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